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Gigs are back! Michael is thrilled to share some upcoming shows happening this season in NYC.


I finally have an article on Wikipedia!

My latest recording Dance of the Mystic Bliss is coming! The multi kulti session featuring Braziilian percussion and strings was mixed by my long time collaborator, engineer Scott Harding. We hope to announce plans about both live performances and an upcoming release date for this album in the coming months.

Slow Poke at Home has been remastered by the legendary Gene Paul. Listen to this classic and more of Michael's albums on Bandcamp.

In May I joined several generations of musicians paying tribute to pianist/composer Frank Kimbrough who sadly and suddenly passed away last December. This studio recording, consisting of Frank's original music, was produced by Elan Mehler for Newvelle Records. Download at bandcamp here or purchase the vinyl here. Read more about the session in this The New York Times article. It goes without saying that I was honored to play a part in this massive expression of gratitude to our friend and colleague.

Dabbling in all facets of sound from spiritual jazz to EDM, the inquisitive drummer and producer Tommaso Cappellato's brand new release Pioneered just dropped! This is the first release on Tommy's own label Domanda Music and I play tenor all over Angels in Space. Featuring a variety of special guests, it is a hi-fi trip to other worlds.

It was a real joy to watch the artist My Guitar is Trying to Kill Me evolve over the last year. We spent a lot of time together in lock down. That's because he is my son! I play some sax on his track Dust Coming Apart. The apple doesn't fall from the tree but in this case it has a pedal board.

Charlie Hunter Trio "Live at the Memphis Music Mansion" is now available! Recorded in 2017 with George Slupick on drums and Charlie Hunter on 7-string guitar. Order it here!

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Updated : 05 12 2021